About Us

About SVH Inc.

At SVH Inc., we pull you into the present with Experiential Mindful Activities. We use our Destination Partners within Yorkshire as a springboard for mindfulness, personal development and upskilling through retreats and workshops.

We specialise in Employee Wellness and Happiness at work. By addressing all aspects of wellbeing, we build your team's resilience. Our strategic collaboration with other businesses enable us to offer you extra Employee Benefits and Rewards.

We are a husband and wife team. And, we represent different ethnicities, ages and global exposure. Our magic lies in our passion, story, tenacity and community building focus.

Work related stress is on the rise. 1 in 6 workers experience poor mental health problems. As a result, UK employers are losing about 45bn GBP pa. In 2017, Stephen suffered a heart attack due to work related stress, and SVH Inc. was birthed.

The work environment should be a Strong, Vibrant, Happy and Inclusive place. So, we work with Line Managers to make sure it is. This way, we improve Employee Wellness, Happiness, Engagement and Productivity at work.

Our Team

  • Valentina Hynes

    I come from a background of events (Corporate Social Responsibility, Experiential Marketing, Hospitality and Team Building) and Charity works, which earned me an Associate Fellowship in 2014 with the Royal Commonwealth Society, London and an award in Corporate Social Responsibility from the Lagos State Government of Nigeria.

    Recently, I was nominated by the Yorkshire Choice Awards in two categories;  businesswoman of the Year 2020, and Local Fundraiser of the Year, 2020.

    My passion and super power is the ability to create a happy, balanced, creative, resilient and productive for people.

  • Stephen Hynes

    I come from a background of real estate, spanning 30 years and which has taken me around the world, working as an expatriate.

    My vast experiences as an employee, a manager and a director gives me unique insights into the often overlooked stressors of a high paced work life especially in the real estate and retail industry.

    Having experienced the ill effects of high stress and anxiety in the workplace with no work life balance, created by a toxic work environment, I am wholly committed to helping organisations ensure happiness and engagement at work, reducing the ill and costly effects of a highly stressed work environment.

    My passion and super power is to build and maintain networks for optimal advancement of organisations.