Why Choose Us?


Wellness And Happiness At Work

‘Teamwork, makes the dream work’. We provide Experiential Mindful Events by taking your team on a day or half day corporate retreat to select historical locations within Yorkshire, where we engage you in mindful activities guaranteed to improve team cohesion and engagement, job satisfaction, creativity and resilience, staff /talent retention, happiness at work and reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace.


Explore and Educate

Yorkshire also known as “God’s Own County” is not just full of history and rugged beauty, it is synonymous with resilience, diversity, creativity, and cheerfulness. And these are values we aim to push when we take you on a Wellbeing Retreat at any of our historical and stunning destinations within Yorkshire. A Corporate Retreat with us as your organiser doesn’t only stimulate, reinvigorate, relax and motivate, it provides a platform for improving personal development skills needed daily at work.


Support and Reward

Alongside us are a host of other local businesses who have all come together to create a bespoke wellness and team building experience for you and your team. We are committed to help you improve your Bottom-line by helping you create a positive, supportive and rewarding environment for you and your team.  We aim at stress and anxiety reduction, employee engagement, job satisfaction, improved work life balance and reduced turnover.

Experiential Mindful Team Building Packages

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Our Mission

Promoting Community in the workplace by identifying, building, strengthening, promoting and maintaining a foundation and structure of community within and between staff / management while identifying the company as a sanctuary that must be protected and nourished.  

Our Values

Strength in Diversity, Productivity and Growth.

Vibrance in Structure and Engagement.

Happiness in Support and Reward.

Incorporation in Unity.

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Our Destination Partners

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