Are you in need of a Strong, Vibrant, Happy & Inclusive (bonded) Team?

You’ve come to the right place. We build resilience, promote diversity and inclusion and happiness at work through our immersive wellbeing focused learning experiences and Speaking Engagements.

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In 2017, Stephen, who was a Senior Development Manager, overseeing multi-million GBP commercial property projects, suffered a heart attack brought on by work related stress and anxieties.

This horrible experience led to us creating SVH Inc. to work with with businesses in ensuring they don’t lose their people due to stress, anxieties and other mental health issues that lead to physical illness, burn out, staff turnover, presenteeism, absenteeism, and a general lack of engagement.

We work with you to ensure you and your teams stay on the positive spectrum of good wellbeing and are able to work productively, meeting KPIs, without distractions and tensions from stressors.

Our Away Day Experiences are designed to Educate, Inspire, Relax and Motivate teams.


  • Bespoke wellbeing focused learning experiences
  • Certified Continuous Professional Development Workshops (CPD)
  • DISC Personality Tests with Feedback
  • Mental Health First Aid with immersive Diversity & Inclusion Training
  • Diversity and Inclusion Training
  • Experiences are Virtual, onsite or at select locations within Yorkshire
  • Wellbeing themed days like International Women’s Day, People and Culture week, etc.
  • Public Speaking


  • Greater Happiness at Work improving Employee Experience
  • Improved Communication between teams and management and clients
  • Increased and balanced Empathy in teams
  • Lower Staff turnover
  • Less stress and mental health issues
  • Better time management
  • Stronger Resilience
  • Higher Productivity and KPI fulfilment
  • Strong, Vibrant, Happy and Incorporated teams

I come from a background of events (Corporate Social Responsibility, Experiential Marketing, Hospitality, Team Building and Charity works) which earned me an Associate Fellowship in 2014 with the Royal Commonwealth Society, London and an award in Corporate Social Responsibility from the Lagos State Government of Nigeria. I am also an Engaging and Insightful Speaker. Able to connect with and capture the attention of my audience, and take them on a journey of discovery with me, bringing them back more aware and empowered. Be it virtually or in person, my energy is quite palpable, I have been reliably informed by those who have heard me speak.

Recently, I was nominated by the Yorkshire Choice Awards in two categories; Businesswoman of the Year 2019, and Local Fundraiser of the Year, 2019.

I am a Connector who “connects the dots” among people with different backgrounds and strengths by recognising and pointing out patterns that help people come together and build greater resilience. I have an intuitive ability to sense how people with different strengths and weaknesses can come together and establish a common ground, with a focus on building strong, vibrant, happy and incorporated teams.


I come from a background of real estate, spanning 30 years and which has taken me around the world, working as an expatriate, leading and delivering major projects.

My vast experiences as an employee, a manager and a director gives me unique insights into the often overlooked stressors of a high paced work life especially in the real estate industry.

Having experienced the nearly fatal ill effects of high stress and anxiety in the workplace with no work life balance, I am wholly committed to helping organisations ensure happiness and engagement at work, reducing the ill and costly effects of a highly stressed work environment.


Looking for Experiences out of the ordinary that will Engage, Educate, Inspire, Relax and Motivate your teams?

You’ve found us.

Each Experience pictured below comes with CPD certified workshops exploring diverse themes from Emotional Intelligence to financial wellbeing.

Culinary Experiential Away Days
Culinary Experiential Away Days

The mixing of spices and ingredients to create gastronomic magic is one that we find appeals most to HR, Sales, Marketing, Operations and Management teams when it comes to mindful activities for Workplace Wellbeing and stress reduction for optimal team cohesion, workplace creativity and employee engagement aimed at a boost in productivity.

Whether it’s a half or full day’s Culinary Experiential Mindful themed corporate retreat for a kitchen garden walk, cookery school or fine dining in the fabulous Cookery School at the Grand, York, or Hazlewood Castle close to Leeds, be sure that team building with Employer and Employee wellbeing as the focal point has never been more fun or more effective.


Passionate, Inspiring, Authentic, Relatable, Vibrant, Thought Provoking, Energetic, Engaging and Story Teller are some of the words used to describe Valentina Hynes.

Her specialty topics are Wellbeing, Mental Health, Happiness using the Happiness Frame Work – Basic Needs, Autonomy, Mastery and Inclusion, with Diversity and Inclusion, using the Behavioural Psychometric test of DISC to further explain Diversity and ways to create more inclusive environments.

Valentina leaves her audience Stronger, Vibrant, Happier and empowered. Leaving teams feeling more bonded and appreciative of their organisation.

She’s brought her energy to organisations like Natwest, Mobil, Actis, Addax Petroleum, Zenith Bank, Emerald Global to mention a few.

When Valentina speaks, it isn’t just speaking, she creates an authentic, immersive wellbeing experience for her clients.

Exploratory Experiential Away Days
Exploratory Experiential Away Days

Business Owners / Entrepreneurs and Business Executives, Operations, Medical, Manufacturing, Engineering, Real Estate and Hospitality teams tend to find this package more beneficial as they find that a walk through gardens or woodlands, a historic stately home or a ride on a boat in stunningly historical places like Allerton Castle, Castle Howard, and Hazlewood Castle drastically reduces their stress and anxiety, sharpens their senses, focuses their missions, improves their happiness at work, boosts their creativity and productivity and strengthens loyalty to their workplace.

Sensory Experiential Away Days
Sensory Experiential Away Days

This is a very popular package as it’s very function is to relax, pamper and rejuvenate. It is especially popular with the teams in medical fields, educational teams, Business owners and Executives. It physically and psychologically releases stress while promoting mindfulness.

Included in these are spa treats, exclusive happy hour outings, dance classes, Reflexology treatments, aromatherapy, mixology & osteopathy.

Virtual Experiences
Virtual Experiences

‘One of the best experiences I have ever attended. It didn’t even feel virtual. So much palpable passion and energy. A fantastic learning experience too’

This is how our virtual experiences have been described by attendees.

From wellness bags, music, to games, workshops and keynotes . . . we give you a fully immersive, Inclusive, wellbeing focused learning experience that leaves your team Strong, Vibrant, Happy and Incorporated.


Trees of colourful hands represent Diversity and Inclusion, Resilience, Strength, and Collaboration. 
Castles symbolise a strong foundation, structure, security, longevity and royalty. Castles represent Organisations, Brands and Businesses. 
SVH stands for Strong Vibrant and Happy. 

To promote these values and qualities, we take you to one of our select destination partners for an Away Day experience steeped in learning, rejuvenation and splendour.

Allerton Castle
Allerton Castle

Allerton Castle is situated in the heart of beautiful North Yorkshire countryside and its history dates back to the 13th Century. In its more modern form, it boasts the leading example of Gothic Revival architecture in the UK. The Grade 1 Listed Building has a rich past and possess magnificent rooms within the building, with detailing that take the breath away.

It is a prime example of what magic a united team can weave; history surviving into the present, a brand being rebranded while its core is preserved, a brand with a continuing story and reach.

Its peaceful vibes lull you into calm while inspiring you to relax and dig deeper. Perfect for exploratory and culinary packages.

Castle Howard
Castle Howard

Castle Howard is one of Britain’s most magnificent historical stately homes. It’s very history is replete with resilience and adaptability, from the length of time it took to finish building it (100 years) to the challenge of a fire outbreak and its restoration.

Prominently seated on a ridge, the house has breathtaking views in all directions including the beautiful grounds surrounding the house with the Temple of the Winds, the Howard family mausoleum, Hawksmoor’s Pyramid, an obelisk, and several follies and eyecatchers in the form of fortifications, mature woodlands and two lakes, one on the north side and the other on the south side of the house.

It is famous for being used for many films and tv programmes like Brideshead Revisited, Twelfth Night and Bucaneers to mention just a few. It is ideal for our Exploratory and some Sensory Experience packages.

The Cookery School At The Grand, York
The Cookery School At The Grand, York

Based in York’s only 5 Star hotel which boasts 207 suites and bedrooms, a dining room, bar and spa. The Cookery School offers over 2,500 square feet of space, with 16 workstations equipped with an induction hob, electric oven and premium cookery equipment, a meeting area as a separate, screening room created for workshops, a herb garden and outdoor seating area.

This stunning destination is perfect for all our Culinary Experiences and some Sensory Experiences too.

Hazlewood Castle
Hazlewood Castle

Hazlewood Castle is steeped in history, cloaked in warmth, and sprawls out for miles in its scenic beauty, proud of its resilience, survival and adaptability. It is one of the oldest fortified houses to survive in the whole of Yorkshire. It overlooks the battlefield for the Battle of Towton in 1461, survived during the persecution of Catholics through the reign of Henry VIII, provided refuge for Catholic priests. During the Second World War, it served as a Maternity Hospital up until 1953, before becoming a Hotel and Cookery School in 1997, and now is a country Hotel and Spa with a Cookery School.

It is also quite famously linked to the Vavasour family who owned it for 900 years before selling and moving to New Zealand where they created the famous Vavasour Wine.

It is ideal for our Exploratory, Sensory and Culinary packages.



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